RXEEV-12 Series Environmental Protection Gas Switchgear

  Ruixien(Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. introduces domestic and foreign mature product technology, adopts domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing equipment, professional manufacturing experience, supplemented by the whole process of computer simulation design, according to the intelligent power distribution network on the technical requirements of the switchgear products, the development of a new environmentally friendly gas-insulated switchgear a RXEEV-12 series of environmentally friendly gas-insulated ring network switchgear, the modular design of the standard unit, the flexibility of matching and combining, not only suitable for the network nodes and the requirements of the user terminals, and also be able to meet the demand for a variety of secondary substations on the flexible use of the compact switchgear.

Product Features

▪ High-voltage live parts are sealed in a stainless steel air box filled with
dry and clean air with protection class IP67

▪ Modular design, flexible combination scheme, small size and compact
structure to meet the needs of various power distribution schemes of

▪ Adopt green and environmentally friendly dry and pure air insulating
medium, green and friendly low-carbon design, energy saving and environmental

▪ Easy to expand, low expansion cost, avoid unnecessary backup circuit

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