Provide interactive analysis of core production process data

To provide electrical equipment manufacturers with different equipment production line intelligent Kanban, based on the project APS scheduling, staffing, forecasting schedule, delivery node control and other intelligent analysis and management of the manufacturing process.

It can be combined with Bluetooth and WiFi enabled devices and tools to automatically upload various product parameters in the manufacturing process in real time. And reserved PCL industrial control processing equipment API interface, for the subsequent construction of digital factory to provide basic data chain. It also provides interactive analysis of the core data of the production process for product quality inspection and delivery process.

Ruiyuntong cloud platform for equipment manufacturers to provide the State Grid electrical equipment intelligent IOT platform and the Southern Power Grid supply chain platform supplier access services, system order management, intelligent supervision and manufacturing in line with the corresponding platform access standards and specifications, to provide ERP, MES project certificates as well as charging site with the access services.

Diagnostic assessment of process capability with real-time accurate data for enterprises

RuiXiN electrical MES platform integrated abnormality detection, quality control, statistical analysis, prevention and correction, report generation of information centralized control platform.

Use real-time accurate data to help enterprises realize the diagnosis and assessment of process capability, adopt more active quality control strategy, respond to the potential risks of manufacturing, and push reasonable preventive measures.

Reduced O&M costs

RuiXiN Electric MES platform through the product two-dimensional code a code through the production, quality inspection, delivery, acceptance, put into operation of the whole chain of digital management

Provide scientific full life cycle system management for enterprise assets (facilities, equipments, moulds, fixtures, equipments, etc.), rationalize the configuration of enterprise assets, improve the utilization rate of enterprise assets, and effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs.

ITSQ Semantic Business Analysis Query

Utilizing the artificial intelligence semantic analysis function of Ruiyuntong platform, it realizes the semantic query of the statistical analysis of the enterprise's operation status. According to the different nature of the user and the enterprise, show different statistical caliber of specialized business analysis. Covering: project, cost, personnel, expenditure, contract implementation and other professional data analysis, providing managers, decision makers with different roles in the focus of the summary data, can automatically generate monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual statistical reports and charts data, automatically generate the summary charts and analysis reports with different focuses on operation, production, sales, after-sales, etc., and summarize multi-dimensional analysis and decision-making reports by department, factory and company.

Can be classified semantic retrieval of all the digital data of the enterprise, such as input: the first half of the project progress, the company's sales in the first quarter of what the situation, the first half of the payback situation, the construction of this month, such as the construction of safety and other oral query and intelligent analysis.


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