High risk of unplanned power outages and equipment failures in distribution rooms

For a long time, the management of the distribution room has been one of the weak links in the operation and management of the reliability of distribution users.

Distribution room switch tripping and distribution room environment overheating affects the operation of equipment, distribution room flooding leads to equipment damage, distribution room equipment theft, etc., not only easy to burn equipment, but also easy to affect the user's normal power situation, but these faults are often ignored, very easy to cause unexpected power outage faults in the distribution room.

Human meter reading is inefficient and prone to errors

However, over the years, due to the lack of testing in this area in low voltage distribution networks.

Generally in a few typical days each year or quarter, by the staff one by one measurement of power distribution devices and inspections, the result is time-consuming and labor-intensive, neither can reflect the real situation in a timely manner, nor can they solve the actual problem in a timely manner.


Ltd. combined with its own years of digital ring network switchgear, high and low voltage complete sets of equipment and power software research and development experience, integration of advanced AI industrial brain self-learning algorithms, from the switchgear state perception intelligence, data analysis and computation of intelligence, abnormal fault analysis intelligence at three levels, to build a complete digital switchgear intelligence open platform, to provide a full set of solutions for the user to quickly realize the centralized digital intelligent management of power distribution equipment.

The centralized management module of the platform can realize unified monitoring of multiple decentralized power distribution rooms for group users, adopt digital map to show the location of each power distribution room, real-time operation status, equipment statistics and other aggregated data, and locate the corresponding abnormal status of the power distribution room with the first alarm in case of abnormality, which is convenient for the supervisory personnel to further check the status of the power distribution room.

All-round real-time online monitoring

The digital management of the platform's distribution room realizes all-round real-time online monitoring of ring network switchgear, high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, and intuitively displays the operating conditions of various types of equipment, primary wiring diagrams, alarm information, statistical summary data and other status data related to the operation of the distribution room through three-dimensional digital twin mapping technology. And through the health assessment score of each equipment, it summarizes the overall health status of the power distribution room.

In response to the need for switchgear health status diagnosis, we have developed a multi-dimensional assessment and diagnosis analysis model for switchgear health status, which has overcome the difficulties in assessing the health of switchgear and distribution systems. Through the real-time self-inspection of switchgear, it integrates and categorizes various dispersed independent data, realizes online diagnosis, analysis, prejudgement and summary. It is convenient for users to identify poor health equipment in advance, determine the causes of aging, and perform preventive maintenance of equipment in advance.


Real-time self-inspection of switchgear health, moving risks and hidden dangers of power equipment forward, changing from "passive remediation after the fact" to "early warning and prevention before the fact", and discovering and disposing of all kinds of risks and hidden dangers in the embryonic state. It realizes the active prediction of switchgear faults, precise positioning and accurate analysis.

Through the equipment overall infrared internal imaging technology, the use of virtual models of the equipment for a full range of temperature rise perception, operation state perception and abnormal faults and other comprehensive index judgment, real-time push pointed out the location and state of the abnormal situation occurs, and significantly improve the fault location of the abnormal equipment to identify, analyze, and judge the ability.

Ruixien Temperature Video Sensing Terminal

384*288 infrared resolution, the highest in its class, IFOV as low as 3.16mrad, -20℃~+650℃ ultra-wide temperature measurement range IP67 high protection level, provide 485, WiFi interface

Platform Switchgear AI Knowledge Graph Data Middleware
The platform's Distribution Intelligence Knowledge Graph database can assist on-site operation and maintenance personnel, safely, quickly and accurately eliminate equipment safety hazards, promptly eliminate power abnormalities, and restore equipment to normal operation.
  • 3827


    Ruixien Electric Switchgear Condition AI Analytics Knowledge Graph Data Center

    Typical Emergency Response Plans for Electricity Failures in Various Industries 3827 items

  • 6882


    National Standard Process for Safe Handling of Low Voltage Distribution Specialties

    6882 items in the knowledge base of the causes of each type of abnormality

  • 2897


    Ruixien Electric Switchgear AI Knowledge Graph Data Center

    This refers to the distribution exception handling workflow in the form of a guidance diagram. 2897 items.

Allow users of power distribution facilities to keep track of equipment operation status at any time and place

Digital Distribution Room APP realizes mobile, real-time and efficient autonomous management of power distribution facilities for users, shortens the distance between data and managers, makes the identification of equipment operation status more accurate, and allows users of power distribution facilities to master the operation status of equipment anytime and anywhere.

And through the cloud interconnection to realize the equipment life cycle spare parts management and production manufacturers instant linkage, accurately provide facilities maintenance, repair and treatment programs, effectively reduce the operation and maintenance costs, and improve the equipment operation and maintenance guarantee rate.

  • Lack of effective technical means for centralized management of decentralized distribution rooms of group users and power supply enterprises

  • Personal and equipment safety operations do not have an automated system that enables compliance with grid safety protocols

  • The analysis of abnormal development trends of power distribution switchgear does not form an effective monitoring and prognosticating system.

  • The management of spare parts is not linked and integrated into the platform system, which makes it difficult to manage them.

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