RXE-12 Series SF6 Fully Insulated and Sealed Inflatable Ring Network Switchgear

RXE-12 series ring network switchgear is a new type of SF6 gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear developed and manufactured by RXE Electric (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. using three-dimensional computer simulation technology and international first-class manufacturing equipment and technology, and the gas box is manufactured by adopting advanced laser cutting and fully automatic mechanical welding technology.

Product Features

▪ Common box type and unit type one-way and two-way expandable specifications
to meet various design requirements

▪ Perfect "five-proof" interlocking device to prevent human misoperation

▪ Reliable safe pressure relief channel to ensure the personal safety of

▪ Electric, remote control and monitoring devices can be configured according
to different needs of users

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