DFW-12 European cable branch box

DFW-12 type outdoor cable branch box is the supporting equipment of new distribution network and urban power grid renovation, dedicated to the cable node of AC 12kV cable system, used to distribute power. Its connection is simple and convenient, with full insulation, full sealing, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, safe and reliable, small size, light weight, beautiful shape, no oiling, simple installation, grounding flexibility, without any part of the exposed live parts, etc., with advanced technology to solve the problem of the cable "T" connection, the ring power supply multiple in and out of the line and so on.

Product Features

▪ Adopt fully insulated, fully sealed, fully enclosed cable connection, no insulation distance is required, and personal safety is reliably ensured

▪ Flexible installation, small size and compact structure

▪ Corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, suitable for any harsh environment

▪ Cabinet made of stainless steel


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