XGW-12 series outdoor box type opening and closing station

  XGW-12 series outdoor box-type opening and closing house is developed and produced by our company by adopting foreign advanced technology, according to the characteristics of power distribution network in various regions of China and the actual situation of urban distribution network cable transformation, and it is the inflatable outdoor opening and closing house with advanced level.

  XGW-12 outdoor box-type switchgear adopts RXE-12 series of fully closed and fully insulated ring network switchgear, which has the advantages of modularization, scalability, fully sealed, fully insulated, safe, reliable, maintenance-free, etc. It is suitable for any harsh environment, and is widely used in industrial parks, residential areas, streets, airports, busy commercial centers, etc. It can extend the automation function of distribution network and realize intelligentization, making the power grid stronger and smarter. Make the power grid stronger and smarter.

Product Features

▪ All live parts are enclosed in an SF6 air box for full insulation and full sealing

▪ Equipped with mechanical interlocks that meet the requirements of five defenses to prevent misoperation

▪ The way of entering and exiting the line is flexible, which can realize the left, right and bottom line in (out) line

▪The built-in busbar expansion method is adopted to meet the requirements of usability, economy and aesthetics


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