Ruixien Electric 丨to appear in the attention of the 2023 Asia Power Electricity & Smart Grid Exhibition


  June 8-10 by the China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. guidance, the Southern Power Grid Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Boyou Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. jointly organized the sixth Asia Power Electricity & Smart Grid Exhibition was held in Guangzhou. Liu Wenpeng, Deputy General Manager of the Digital Intelligence Division R&D Director, showed up at the exhibition with the domestic first RXETAD-200 series of distribution station area cloud-side fusion bispectral imaging situational awareness auxiliary monitoring system, RXE series of digitized switchgear intelligent power distribution overall solution, and the digital storage station cloud-side fusion thermal imaging situational awareness auxiliary monitoring system and other new products, and gained the attention of the industry experts and the guests stopping to consult and make inquiries about the new products and the suitability of the new products. Consultation, and on the new products adaptive scene to develop a detailed understanding.

  Ruixien Electric hope to rely on their own technology and concept advantages, "technology to let the user rest assured that the service to let the user satisfied" business philosophy, help power digital grid more "safe, reliable, intelligent, environmentally friendly".


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